Wire Partitions, Cages and
Folding Gates

Wire partitions are an excellent way to restrict access to areas for whatever reason, yet allow full visual access. Manage access to sensitive inventory, tools, parts and equipment buy putting it in an enclosure. Swing doors, sliding doors are service windows all options. Folding gates are an easy way to secure a doorway or dock without limiting visual access or impeding airflow. Folding safety barriers are also available.

Industrial Guard Rails, Industrial Fans and Doors
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Alpha Material Handling, Inc (AMH) is a full-line / full-service provider of material handling, storage solutions, ergonomic and safety equipment. We deliver solutions that maximize our customer’s operational efficiency!

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From concept through completion we organize and manage resources in such a way that the project is completed within the defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. CONTACT US TODAY to find out how we can help you!