Pallet Rack & Pallet Rack Systems, Wire Decking & Cantilever Racks

When it is necessary to store a wide variety of product on pallets, then pallet rack is the best choice. Whether you need one bay or an entire warehouse full we have you covered. We offer conventional, structural, drive-in, push-back and pallet flow systems. In the event your need is to store long items or product off the floor, cantilever rack is the best choice. This is available in both standard and structural as well as single and double sided to best meet your storage and space needs. Accessories for these racks include but aren't limited to wire decking for the pallet racks and wire mesh panels or netting to safeguard products from falling off onto people or product below.

Modular Cabinets, Drawers, Storage Cabinets & Shelving

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Alpha Material Handling, Inc (AMH) is a full-line / full-service provider of material handling, storage solutions, ergonomic and safety equipment. We deliver solutions that maximize our customer's operational efficiency!

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From concept through completion we organize and manage resources in such a way that the project is completed within the defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. CONTACT US TODAY to find out how we can help you!