Cranes, Hoists, Manipulators, Intelligent Lifting Devices, Vacuum Lifters & Below Hook Lifting Devices

This equipment is often the heartbeat of any fabricating or overhaul facility. Working with big, bulky and often heavy parts and product is both necessary and dangerous. Having the correct equipment improves production and prevents injury to both product and the workers. Whether you need to move something that weighs 50 lbs to two tons, we can offer the right solution. The Gorbel G-Force ™ Intelligent Lifting device with float mode makes moving product up to 660 lbs effortless with maximum control. Vacuum lifters allow a full range of motion to lift, tilt and/or rotate what you’re moving. These systems attach to cranes, hoists, forklifts and manipulators. Need to “flip” an object as large as an airplane wing or a train car? The Itnac Flip Rite is the answer. Nothing is one size fits all but we have solutions for all sizes!

Cranes, Hoists, Manipulators & Lifting Devices
R & M Hoists

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Alpha Material Handling, Inc (AMH) is a full-line / full-service provider of material handling, storage solutions, ergonomic and safety equipment. We deliver solutions that maximize our customer’s operational efficiency!

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